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Consensus platform 775

Consensus-platform is the future of cryptocurrency

Creating a decentralized management system and financing is one of the main problems of cryptocurrency platforms. To solve this problem, often non-...
Terofund platform 775

Advantages of the TeroFund platform

TeroFund is the unique investment platform designed for highly efficient digital asset management. The fundamental use of the sharing economy princ...
Marketplaces 775

Marketplaces as a trend of economy of the future

For several years in a row, the global e-commerce market has been continuing to grow rapidly. The total e-commerce income has exceeded $1.8 trillio...

Financial market is working as a redistribution center

Today, the financial market is a mechanism for buying and selling securities, commodities, cryptocurrency at favorable prices for both parties. The...
Cryptocurrencies775 %282%29

Large investors are secretly buying cryptocurrencies

Today, some experts are arguing that cryptoindustry is experiencing a recession, and in the future, such a rapid growth in the cost of cryptocurren...
Sharing economy  775

Sharing economy investing strategy

Today, the sharing economy is a revolutionary approach in the financial relationships of people. The principles of a joint economy are widely used ...

Situation on the cryptocurrency market: our recommendations

Syntera is a caring about the income of its customers. With this purpose, we want to report you important information. At the moment, the market is...
New wallets775

Holding SSC with new wallets: opportunity to increase inc...

Syntera continuing its preparation to enter the external exchanges. We are all preparing for a significant moment that will open up new income hori...
Syntera blockchain 775

Syntera Blockchain is Licensed

Syntera is continuing its movement in legalizing the company's activities worldwide. And today we are pleased to announce that we became the first ...
Independent audit was passed 775

Syntera has passed an independent audit!

We are pleased to inform you very important news!
Introducing new wallets 775

Syntera continues preparation to enter the external excha...

Our team is hurrying to please their investors with even more convenient functional. Most recently, we have reported on the imminent enter of Synte...
Asia region 775

Strengthening Syntera presence in the Asian region

Not so long time ago, have taken place several Syntera events in the Asian region. At these events, the leaders discussed issues related primarily ...