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TeroFund Weekly Report

There is a big chance of having your funds lost when entering the great universe of ICO’s. It takes months to analyze the market properly, decide w...
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Syntera Ecosystem for Smart Holders

Buy and hold is an investment strategy where an investor buys tokens and holds them for a long time, with the goal that tokens will gradually incre...
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The practical usage of Syntera Marketplace services

It is not a secret that Syntera Marketplace service is built upon the currently thriving economic model called sharing economy. The sharing economy...
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Syntera-LIVE YouTube Channel

Here, at Syntera, we believe that the community is responsible for determining the success of the platform. We have confidence that all the members...
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What is community open company?

It is hard to deny that we live in a very fascinating period in human history. People all over the world break the shackles of convention and try t...
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Easy to start in TeroFund!

Syntera project is well-known for being extremely attentive to various needs of their growing community. One of the most important part of Syntera’...

The presentation of Syntera in Kazan

The presentation of Syntera took place in Kazan on July 5. The event was held by the leaders who are developing the company in Russia.
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Syntera will hold the presentation in Kazan.

We launched the Tero Fund investment program, hyped users are downloading White Wallet and leaders from Russia try not to miss a thing, because the...
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Finally, you can see video instructions on the use of a n...

The app is very user-friendly: intuitive control, neat and minimalist design, handy interface. And the main advantage consists in the fact, besi...

Syntera once again proves that a truly decentralized comm...

At this stage of development, 99% of voters on our web-site chose the Tero Fund investment program.
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Syntera is an independent, decentralized community based ...

So, we created a new channel — Syntera LIVE — designed specifically for our leaders, partners and users of Syntera Sharing Coin.

The Ministry of Home Affairs of Malaysia has approved Syn...

The Synterian community in Kuala Lumpur is gaining momentum and expanding every day. Malaysian leaders managed to get approval from the Ministry of...