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How Elon Musk is using the sharing economy principles

Syntera Company is based on the sharing economy principles. We are sure that the sharing economy has a great future, and some outstanding progressi...
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Marketing plan in TeroFund is your unique source of income

In the previous article, we talked about the advantages of working with the TeroFund platform, based on the principles of a sharing economy. Howeve...
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It's easy to start at TeroFund!

The cryptocurrency market is rapidly developing, and the number of investors who want to invest in such a promising branch of the economy is growin...

White Wallet

Greeting everyone our dear participants of the SYNTERA & TEROFUND platform! Our team is continuously developing functionality and creating new p...
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Review of Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms

Cryptocurrencies use distributed ledgers or blockchains to record information — primarily about the balance of every address for value transfer pla...
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Answers to the Questions of Our Community

How and when did you get the idea of creating a project? We have been in business for a long time and we unite with like-minded people around th...

The priсe has risen

Good afternoon, our dear investors! Recently, a wonderful event took place from Syntera Company in Georgia. The hospitable and sunny country gav...

Presentation in Georgia

On August 26, 2018 in the city of Batumi, in Georgia, a presentation of the activities of the company Syntera was held. Among the participants ther...
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Share Emotions 2.0

Those who closely follow Syntera platform development know that we consider community to be the most important factor of the success of our project...
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The Announcement of Syntera Share Emotions #2

It took less then 2 days for a couple of leaders to fulfill the conditions of the promotion of the Syntera company. The Phuket paradise island wel...
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Syntera Sharing Coin & Terofund International Conference ...

But no platform or service will replace live communication! Therefore, we are happy to announce the international conference Syntera Sharing Coin &...
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Syntera Official Telegram Channel

Syntera is a project that uses modern technologies to build a prosperous community. Syntera community is a lively combination of the democratic adm...