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The priсe has risen

Good afternoon, our dear investors!

Recently, a wonderful event took place from Syntera Company in Georgia. The hospitable and sunny country gave all participants a lot of bright impressions, new acquaintances and prospects. But a much more important result for all investors of the company was the increase of the SSC cost.

The well-known cryptocurrency bitcoin by its constant growth brings to its owners a staggering income. SSC has just entered the cryptocurrency market, but it already shows a rapid growth in profitability, which we are all genuinely happy about. Do you want to know how its value increases?

The specially developed algorithms of price movement Syntera constantly analyzing a huge number of factors. Three of them are the most significant:

- demand for the purchase of SSC on the site;
- movement and distribution of financial assets in funds;
- the state of regional markets.

After the event in Georgia, the demand for SSC purchase increased incredibly, and the price movement algorithm Syntera raised the price from 2.31 $ to 2.82 $ in just 1 day. This increase in price gave 22% of profit for investors, and this is only for those who joined us recently. Much more significant is the income of those partners who have been with us from the very beginning. It's been a while since the first rounds of ICO. In April 2018, the cost of SSC was minimal – only $1. This means that today all those who trust us, in less than six months have already received almost a threefold profit! We rejoice together with you and promise not to stop on what has been achieved.

Also, perhaps, in the nearest future the price will rise again. Since at the moment we are seeing a significant increase in the activity of some Asian countries. Asia, as you know, is a very large market, and our company is now actively expanding its presence in this market. That is, there is a high probability it will positively affect the price of SSC. Hasten to become the investor!

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