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The relevance of the Sharing economy for investments

The sharing economy or the economy of common use is a new stage in the development of modern society. Its main principle is the use, not possession of anything. Such a resource can act as a material object, for example: office, housing, car, equipment, or non-material: information, skill, etc. One of the translation variants of the sharing economy is the "economy of cooperation and participation," and this can be considered its main feature.

The reasons of this non-commercial relations type origin lie in the dynamics of modern life. This rapid urbanization and periodic economic crises worsen the well-being of people. With the development of the Internet, the availability of participation or use of sharing has increased even more. According to Juniper Research, this year its value is 18.6 billion dollars, and by 2022 this figure will increase to 40.2 billion.

Investment Perspectives of the Sharing Economy

The investments profitability in the sharing economy is great, thanks to the rapid development of the sharing services in many branches. Let’s consider the main ones:

1) Reduction of costs. Joint rent of office or housing, use of passing transport, "second life of things" – all these and other similar things are significantly saving finances and will certainly be used personally and in business.
2) Additional income. Rapid development of the sharing services allows to find the consumer on the existing material or non-material resource, thus providing an additional source of finance.
3) Reducing the burden on the environment. Studies have proved that the sharing economy in all its branches reduces the environmental burden – reduces the amount of harmful emissions, waste, discarded items. This principle is resource-oriented, which is helping to save resources on the planet.

The use of the blockchain technologies in the sharing can make a real revolution:

- to reduce the cost for creating and using online platforms;
- to narrow the gap between poor and rich by distributing profits and goods outside of certain companies and individuals;
- to accelerate and simplify transactions performed in the existing economic model;
- to earn money, sharing not only with physical, but with virtual resources and much more.

The beneficial use of the right things without extra costs becomes a trend, especially in the European countries. Today many start-ups plan their development in this area, which is showing its investment attractiveness. Experts note that the development of communication channels gave a swift impetus to the sphere of sharing and in the future this type of economy will cover more and more areas of human life. This automatically expands the horizons of business, encouraging people to a constant search and changing the direction of the investment flow.

To date, for the sharing economy is opening a great future. The Sharing is shifting the focus of attention from the need to own something to the field of interpersonal relations, because, first of all, this is the "economy of trust". That's why the marketplace developed by Syntera is a demanded product of the economy.


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