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The cryptocurrency market is rapidly developing, and the number of investors who want to invest in such a promising branch of the economy is growing significantly. However, only good hedge funds can bring good returns. The initial threshold for investing may be tens of thousands of dollars. Not everyone is ready, and not everyone can immediately put such a sum. And Syntera offers a solution – the TeroFund platform, built on the principles of a joint economy.

What does TeroFund really do? Users' investments are aggregated into substantial investment packages that are already invested in a specific hedge fund. All operations on managing financial flows are handled by artificial intelligence - the hybrid analytical system TeroBot 1.0. The program works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, constantly analyzing the work of hedge funds on the cryptocurrency exchange market. The main task of the program is to ensure the maximum profit and protection of TeroFund users' investments by analyzing the market conditions, events and behavior of promising hedge funds. The collection and analysis of this kind of information allows TeroBot to create an investment portfolio of trusted funds and minimize the usual risks of investing in cryptocurrency.

How to work with an investment platform?

To get started, you need to register on the Terofund website or log in with your account, if you are registered with the Syntera ecosystem. The service is quite simple, easy to understand and has convenient interface. After logging in, you get access to the toolbar tab from where the investment is managed.

To invest, in the left part of the control panel, go to the "Wallet" section and press the "Deposit" button. The deposit address is generated as a text link, as well as a QR code.

After making a deposit of any amount on the Terofund account from the "Tero Program" section, you can choose how many SSC coins you want to invest. In the same section you will find information about the amount of your total and active investments in USDH – the domestic currency of Terofund. And also data on the exchange rate between SSC and USDH, the investment period, bonus of the partner program, the amount of your investment and the amount of money available for weekly conversion.

Any profit you receive is immediately transferable to SSC without any restrictions. To do this, you need to convert money from USDH to SSC in the "Wallet" section.

In addition to the main functions, namely the most effective investment of your investments, the TeroFund system offers many bonus programs. Participation in them will allow you to receive a part of the investment income of all your partners. More details about the TeroFund marketing plan you can learn in our next article.

Still in doubt? Just try it. The minimum recommended investment amount is only $100, but even this amount can bring its passive income. Already the first profit will give you an opportunity to see the benefits of cooperation with TeroBot – an effective artificial intelligence that is always playing only on the side of its investors.

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