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Marketing plan in TeroFund is your unique source of income
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Marketing plan in TeroFund is your unique source of income

In the previous article, we talked about the advantages of working with the TeroFund platform, based on the principles of a sharing economy. However, direct investment is not all the opportunities for passive income that the system is providing its users. Thanks to a well-thought-out partner program, you have a good tool to increase significantly your income.

You can simply invest your finances and at will recommend TeroFund to your friends. In this case, you will receive a monthly bonus. It makes up to 20% of the amount of active investments in USDH.

For the leaders who really want to earn well, the most effective  solutions will be the organization of the team. TeroFund offers a very interesting and highly profitable marketing plan.

The marketing plan includes the following bonuses:
1. Direct bonus 8%. You can get it if you invite a new participant to the platform who is registered through your referral link. The bonus amount is 8% of the investment that the new partner will make.

2. For activity up to 10%. To receive, you must invest at least 100 USDH, register two or more personal partners, placing them in the left and right binary branches. Help them make the first investment and receive 10% of the activation of the marketing plan. The activation cost of the package is 50 USDH, it contains all the bonuses of the marketing plan.

3. Pairing bonus 10%. The most profitable, it offers 10% from the weakly binary branch.

4. Growth bonus up to 10%. You get paid up to 10% of the profits of your partners. The more and deeper you have the structure, the greater the amount this bonus will bring.

5. World bonus 1%. After the leader has exceeded the monthly profitability of 2.5 million dollars, he begins to receive a global bonus. Its value is 1% of the turnover of TeroFund worldwide. Money is distributed among all owners equally.

As you can see, TeroFund gives unlimited opportunities for passive income for leaders. By attracting people to your structure, you can be sure that your partner will also be able to make a profit and will be satisfied with his investments. Specially developed analytical system TeroBot 1.0 constantly provides the maximum profitability and protection of users’ investments of the investment platform. Guaranteed having received a significant return on your investments, the user you attract will also recommend TeroFund to his friends. And this fact already automatically means the growth of your structure, and, of course, the cash flow.

Using the principles of the sharing economy in capital management has allowed us to achieve a high level of return on investments of our customers. Do not delay for tomorrow - join and get income today!

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