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Syntera Sharing Coin - The Fuel Of Syntera Platform
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The Syntera Sharing Coin, or SSC, is the core of the Syntera economy. It is the financial instrument that powers the whole ecosystem. The limited supply of SSC counts 48 million tokens.


While based on the Ethereum ERC20 Protocol, SSC can be stored in any ERC20-enabled cryptocurrency wallet. Syntera platform also provides users with online multi-currency wallet, that supports BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH and SSC cryptocurrencies.


SSC is used in all Syntera products:


  1. All the transactions in the Marketplace are made in SSC.

Syntera platform is fueled by SSC and use it for all operations made within the system. It makes the platform more convenient as users don’t need to jump from currency to another, they can use one internal currency instead.


  1. Use SSC for investing in hedge funds.

Thanks to our Smart Hedge Fund you can optimize your finances by purchasing the ASIC hardware with other platform users and mining the cryptocurrency.   investments are protected and the risks are minimized.


  1. SSC can be traded for other currencies directly in Syntera

Syntera has a built-in P2P Exchange that is connected to a multi-currency wallet. It helps users to buy or sell cryptocurrency directly with each other.


  1. 10 million SSC tokens will be allocated for the philanthropy

Our team cares about the significant problems of the world and tend to create a community that supports the idea of philanthropic and social activities. Part of SSC tokens will be assigned for anti-poverty activities, children education, eye surgeries for 3rd world countries and climate changes problems.


Thanks to the blockchain technology Syntera system is protected from the fraud. Every transaction made within the Syntera ecosystem is powered by smart contracts. The conditions and history of payments are digitally encoded and enforced, which makes SSC a completely secure currency.


The benefit of using The Syntera Smart Coin is huge. The more you use SSC in the Syntera economy, the more its fiat value becomes. With the growth of the Syntera platform users and the amount of transaction made in SSC, the token can become one of the top-valuable cryptocurrencies in the market.  

Syntera Sharing Coin