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When will Syntera enter the cryptocurrency exchange?
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Dear investors! Today we are informing you about important news: Several large exchanges have already agreed for the listing of SSC. The reached agreements are confirming the fact that Syntera is not a mlm-company, but an international project with a great perspective.


Why do not we start working with stock exchanges tomorrow? Syntera aims to maximize profitability for its investors. As you know, every market has periods, and we received a number of consultations from specialists. Having collected the statistics and analyzing the current market situation, we concluded that now is an unfavorable time for the new projects to enter the crypto-exchange markets. Since the main stage of the work – agreement about listing of SSC – has already been made, we will be able to enter the stock exchanges quickly when the most favorable time comes. Now the best solution is to strengthen the company within its own environment, so that during the period of the market growth, both, be even stronger, and together with the market, increase capitalization.


Observing the terms of the contracts, we yet do not announce which exchanges will be presented for the purchase, sale and exchange of the SSC coin. However, we hasten to assure you that these are serious and trusted crypto-exchanges with a large turnover of money. This is excellent news for all of our participants, as trading on digital currency exchanges gives a great perspective for the financial growth.


Already today, trading platforms that deal with the exchange of virtual money, arouse interest, greater than the classical stock exchanges. Syntera Sharing Coin's exit to external trading services will significantly increase the coin turnover and accelerate its price increase. According to statistics, the listing of a coin on an exchange usually raises its price up to 25%. Join the Syntera ecosystem while the cost of SSC is not yet high and you will be able to profit from its rapid growth already very soon!


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