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Why is not the price important in the cryptocurrency, but the long-term perspective?
But a long term perspective 775

Electronic payments of the systems exist only a few decades, but they are developing rapidly and are being used more and more often. Syntera company is conducting all main financial transactions inside the ecosystem in Synthetic Sharing Coin. We believe that electronic payments have future and many financial analysts agree with us. For example, an active researcher of financial innovation, Forbes editor Jeffrey Tucker, knows everything about money. Recently, analyzing the payment history of bitcoin, he told why in the long-term perspective the cryptocurrency will justify all the boldest expectations.

The main reason for interest in cryptocurrencies, according to Jeffrey Tucker, is the global restructuring of the world financial system. Modern technologies eliminate all boundaries and open new perspectives. The economic systems are changing, new options are emerging - for example, the sharing economy. The systems of mutual settlements are changing, often state financial institutions do not keep up with these changes. Due to this reason the interest in cryptocurrencies as an independent non-governmental monetary system is steadily growing today and will continue to increase in the further. The trend towards the growth is shown by SSC. From the moment of its release into circulation, in less than half a year the cost has grown almost 3 times.

According to the financier's analysis, any cryptocurrency is characterized by unreliable volatility, but this does not reflect the degree of its usefulness. In periods of the bear market, the value can significantly decrease, for example, in 2013 the price of the coin fell by more than 70%. Skeptics claimed that it was a collapse, but the currency began to grow again and today the cost of bitcoin is more than 300 times higher than it was at its beginning!

The crypto industry is still at the stage of development, testing, experiments. According to Jeffrey Tucker, historical indicators of bitcoin and gold have many similarities. We should simply use to the bipolar nature of crypto-exchange rates, since the value of these assets goes far beyond their value. For this reason, investing in the cryptocurrency and, in particular, in SSC can be considered a very profitable economic strategy.

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