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Special conditions for large investors from Syntera
Deposit 775

Recently, we have told you about the updates benefits of the Syntera’s marketing strategy for any participant with a minimum investment of $100. The abolition of the monthly contribution of 50 USDH for the marketing plan activation will allow everyone to increase their profit from investments. But for large investors, with investments of more than $5000, we have prepared even more interesting changes!

Monthly bonus or passive bonus is bringing up to 20% of your investment amount every monthly. Depending on the market situation, the bonus may be different, but from now on for large investors this percentage will always be not less than 15% of the deposit body. This means that by investing $5000 you can always count on getting the amount from $750 to $1000 monthly! Regardless of whether you are using extra great features of the Syntera marketing plan - passive income is guaranteed.

Our company is striving to provide ecosystem members with as much as possible pleasant conditions for earning. Our marketing plan is transparent, thoughtful and provides many additional income opportunities for every participant, depending on his investment strategy. You can invest small amounts, actively build a structure – and make good money. You can invest a little more, join people with passive income and go about your own business. And Syntera will provide you with high passive income, profitably and safely, through the TeroFund company and highly profitable hedge funds, under complete control of all investment stages by the analytical system TeroBot 1.0. And you can do both, and get any desired profit. There are no restrictions on earning opportunities at Syntera – invest any amount and see for yourself. Test today all power of the new marketing plan!

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