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Why do large companies replace people with robots?
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At the present stage of the society development, the economy is becoming less regional and more global. And therefore, for analytics and forecasting of the cryptoactive movement direction, only technical indicators become insufficient. For a more accurate forecast, one should consider the political and socio-economic situation in the world, as well as the behavioral economy based on data from news sources and social networks. Such a volume of information the human brain is not capable to process quickly enough. Therefore, the main trend for a significant increase in profits of large companies was the use of neural networks for database processing.

IBM Consultant Mark Lind, one of the 15th top specialists of digital transformation has confirmed that since 2017, artificial neural networks and algorithms are being used to measure risks, trade analysis, and price forecasts. Today, most AIs are used as tools for traders, however, machine learning of neural networks is continuing continuously, and the advantage at the market have companies with more advanced algorithms. For example, Goldman Sachs reduced the number of advisers from 600 traders to 2, significantly reducing their costs. Work on analytics for the company's clients is now being performed by bots. At the same time, one of the main advantages of an artificial algorithm before a person is the absence of human emotions.

TeroFund immediately bet on artificial intelligence and did not fail. The core of the platform is TeroBot 1.0 – an effective system with artificial intelligence. The program 24 hours a day is analyzing the work of hedge funds in the global market of cryptology. TeroBot is constantly self-taught, accumulating statistical information on hedge funds and their behavior in various situations. Lack of emotion and access to an extensive database of information at the testing stage showed the advantage of the bot before a living person in many ways. After several years of work and self-training, the algorithm has proven its efficiency, bringing the company's investors high income.

What does the program do:

- develops an individual strategy for each investor when analyzing the market;

- distributes investments to several hedge funds in proportion to their efficiency in this phase of the market;

- gives you the opportunity to make a profit even in moments of market failure. This is achieved by investing in hedge funds, which have shown themselves well during the “Bull Market” years.

Already today, you can start getting money with Syntera, having only $100. The Artificial Intelligence TeroBot 1.0 will bring you a passive income without any effort from your side. Unlike live traders, the bot is always playing only on the side of its investors. Its main task is your profit and maximum protection of your funds. Start investing today with TeroBot 1.0 and earn a profit tomorrow!

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