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Sell requests: how does it work?

To maximize the profitability of our investors, Syntera specialists have developed a strategy for entering the stock exchange. The coin will be listed in a number of trading platforms during a favorable market situation. In more details we told about it in the article earlier. Entering the stock exchange will freely allow you to buy and sell SSC for currency and cryptocurrency. It’s worth reminding that Syntera is not an MLM company, and there is no “withdraw” as such. However, the company's management decision to use the MLM component was very logical and successful. We received an opportunity to inform our users and all interested people about the company's development, projects, successes and prospects in Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Because of the prohibition to advertise cryptocurrencies, the promotion of other ICO companies in international social networks was blocked.

We are always striving for maximum convenience of our investors. And so today there is the possibility of selling Syntera Sharing Coin through the “Sell requests” button. This favorably distinguishes the company from other ICOs, where users are buying a coin and waiting to enter the stock exchange, which can take up to a year.

How does Sell requests work? Especially for the investors, Syntera has already implemented the opportunity to apply for the sale of the coins. The exchange is functioning as a user's simplified P2P exchange. After filing, the application is in the queue for 10 days. During this period, if someone in your area buys coins, they will buy them from you. Why your turn may not come up? It all depends on whether SSC is bought in your region and on the amount of your application. Minimum amount is 10 USD, Fee: Management Fee 2% + Transaction Fee 0.0005 BTC.

Most convenience of using this feature is bringing to the investors. Leaders who build the structures themselves sell their coins to new people and do not wait in line. Thus, Syntera is creating maximum comfort for its investors to invest money and make a profit. Both by passive income from investments and by using a marketing plan for a maximum when building a structure. Choose your way to generate income with the company and earn money today!

If you still have questions - there is a support service, write and you will quickly be helped on how to deal with the problems: [email protected]

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