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Sharing economy – as the basis for the economy of the future

We are living in the era of global change and the fact that yesterday something was still on the verge of science fiction is already becoming a reality today. And this applies not only to new products in the field of science and technology, it is primarily reflected in the worldview and lifestyle of modern society. Business and economics are transforming from private to global and not limited in space, especially in the areas of information. And one of the catalysts of this process is the sharing-economy. The main idea and goal are the transformation of production and consumption – the participants share things, objects, without taking them into ownership.

According to forecasts, by 2025, the world economy will increase by almost 20 times and reach $ 335 billion. Danish deputy Ida Auken has made even more global forecasts, suggesting that by 2030 people will abandon property as such. In the column for Weforum, she suggested exactly how it will be and what benefits it will bring to the society. Ida Auken said that first of all means of communication will become free of charge, then energy, transport and other goods. Due to the abandonment of car ownership, traffic jams will disappear and air pollution will be reduced. The use of leased goods will force manufacturers to extend their lifespan. The amount of necessary expenses will decrease, which means the need for earnings, it will increase the amount of free time for creativity and self-development.

Syntera believes that the sharing economy is the future. One of our current projects which is being developed is the Syntera Marketplace blockchain platform. The main directions are renting or leasing any resource, joint ownership, co-renting, organizing joint purchases of goods or services, and much more.

The main problem that modern society is trying to transcend is the lack of trust – the most important condition for the successful functioning of the sharing economy. Many platforms that help organize the exchange of goods or services are improving their methods today: from rating marks to tightening verification or automatic insurance. Syntera solves this problem in one of the most progressive ways – by using the blockchain. Blockchain as a computer network allows you to program the work of automatic processes and applications. This is how smart contracts work, on the basis of which the parties will state in advance all the conditions for transactions in Syntera Marketplace. The use of blockchain technology provides decentralization and transparency, reduces maintenance costs, which is ideal for the sharing economy. Join us today and be aware of all the events!

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