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Syntera continues preparation to enter the external exchanges
Introducing new wallets 775

Our team is hurrying to please their investors with even more convenient functional. Most recently, we have reported on the imminent enter of Syntera to cryptocurrency exchanges. And today we are taking another step towards this giving even more user convenience - we present three new electronic wallets. Now to carry out operations with cryptocurrencies and track the receival of bonuses is becoming even easier and more convenient. We bring to your attention the following wallets: Passive, Marketing and Cold Wallets. Each of them has its own purpose of creation:


* Passive Wallet. This wallet will be receiving passive income from work at the TeroFund platform - Monthly Bonus.

* Marketing Wallet. These funds are transferred for active work, such as: Direct bonus, Pairing, Growth Bonus, World bonus on the TeroFund platform.

* Cold Wallet is the wallet for managing funds and storing coins for obtaining maximum profit with a constant increase in the price of cryptocoins. With its help you can do the reinvestment. Cold Wallets will get coins transferred to you by another investor's Passive and Marketing Wallets. Also Cold Wallet will be used to transfer coins to stock exchanges and other external services.

* You can also now place an order for a Sell Request SSC with the Marketing Wallet and Passive Wallet.


Using new wallets will allow you to manage your investment portfolio more clearly, store and make deposits in cryptocurrencies. Syntera is committed to creating maximum convenience for its investors. We are sure that now the work with electronic Wallets will become even more convenient and more understandable. Join the community and start earning money very easily investing into cryptocurrency today!

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