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How is TeroFund making profit at any time of the year?

The year 2018 wasn’t the most favorable one for cryptocurrency funds, but professionals are always earning. For example, if you go to, then you can find ROI of some open tokenized funds and it is important to know that ROI here is reflecting the price for the token fund, and for us this does not mean the true rate of return.

TeroFund is using a unique investment management algorithm to minimize the risks and achieve the profitability at any stage of the market cycle. The smart algorithm TeroBot 1.0 has already proven the effectiveness of its strategy, having passed positively more than one cycle on the market. How did we manage to achieve this? TeroFund is using two types of investments: into active (tokenized) and passive (classical) hedge funds.

In tokenized hedge funds TeroBot 1.0 is making an investment portfolio of funds several times a day, this is the advantage of active funds. Several times a day, the program is changing the percentage of investments for each hedge fund in a portfolio depending on the current market assessment and the past performance in a similar situation for each specific fund. Even with a daily rate of -8%, thanks to a unique investment management strategy, TeroFund can make a profit. For this purpose, short-term strategies are used, which makes it possible to earn on intraday volatility along with a combination of a portfolio rebalancing strategy. At the same time, TeroBot 1.0 is directing investments in funds that previously, in similar situations, have showed a profit.

Classic hedge funds are more conservative and do not allow to exit faster than a few months after the entry. TeroFund is forming several funds from this pool, one of which is a reserve one. This is in case the market is in the correction stage and the yield of the "active portfolio" for some time is lower than the interest payments to investors. The reserve of such a fund is exceeding 12 months without taking into account the yield of the active portfolio.

Following the terms of the privacy contracts, TeroFund is providing only the total number of active and passive hedge funds in the reports, as well as the total profit. Due to certain government regulations, rules and laws, founds are prohibiting the publications for the public access information about their work and any internal information about the partners.

Thanks to a unique flexible work strategy, TeroFund is providing its investors with a profit at any time of the year, regardless of the cryptocurrency market cycle.

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