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Holding SSC with new wallets: opportunity to increase income hundreds of times!
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Syntera continuing its preparation to enter the external exchanges. We are all preparing for a significant moment that will open up new income horizons for our investors. Access to external exchanges is a new opportunity that will give the SSC even more liquidity and public acceptance. It coincides with the start of the company's strategy, designed to increase the cost of SSC up to $300 by 2020! For this purpose, we have prepared a few surprises that we cannot yet disclose due to commercial secrets. And with the same purpose, we are constantly updating the company's products. One of the stages of these updates are the current ones – the new wallets like Passive, Marketing and Cold Wallets.


- Passive Wallet. Intended for crediting passive income from your investments, Monthly Bonus.

- Marketing Wallet. Funds for active work are credited to it: Direct bonus, Pairing, Growth Bonus, World bonus.


You can transfer funds from Passive and Marketing Wallets to your Cold Wallet.

- Cold Wallet. So, the main update is concerning this particular wallet. As you already know, it is designed to store and withdraw SSC. It receives coins sent to you by other investors, and you can reinvest funds from it. Now you personally can transfer SSC into it from your Passive and Marketing Wallets. And now, the most interesting part. Currently the technical department of the company is developing SDPOS – Smart Delegated Proof Of Stake – a unique way of mining. Beside direct increasing of investors' assets, this algorithm will enable direct participation in making decisions regarding the development of the company. To do this, you will need to accumulate 100 coins in your Cold Wallet to create your first master node, or 1000 coins to create super node. You will learn more about the SDPOS algorithm this week.

Syntera is constantly developing its products. We are taking all steps to ensure that our investors get more and more profit from their investments. Even at this stage, when the cryptocurrency market is in the correction phase, we confidently increase the income of our clients. However, we are taking much more significant steps at this moment when the market is moving into a growth phase. Up to this point, we recommend our investors to keep their SSCs on their Cold Wallet in order to create the first nodes. These nodes will increase the number of your coins with the help of a special SDPOS algorithm, the details of which, as we said, you will find out literally this week. We will also tell you more about the events happening in the cryptocurrency market, about, that large funds are secretly buying cryptocurrency, and the advantages of our investment strategy in the context of all that is happening. Follow the news!

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