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Sharing economy investing strategy
Sharing economy  775

Today, the sharing economy is a revolutionary approach in the financial relationships of people. The principles of a joint economy are widely used in various countries by many companies offering household services. Many people already understand the benefits of sharing or using items, buildings, and information. The creators of the TeroFund platform decided to go further and applied the principles of the sharing economy in investing.

The main objective of the platform is the possibility of investing in large hedge funds. Such financial structures are being managed by professional traders with extensive experience and have many advantages in the stock market. Funds manage huge capital of their investors, have access to closed trading and are able to bring very high returns to their investors. However, the top high-yield hedge fund is accepting deposits only of large sizes, ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars. Previously, an investor with a small amount did not have the opportunity to get into such fund, today, using the idea of the sharing economy, TeroFund is combining a small capital into a large capital and gets access to the best hedge funds in the world.

TeroBot 1.0 artificial intelligence is being used to manage the investors' investments. Artificial intelligence is analyzing all events directly and indirectly related to the cryptocurrency market. Based on this analysis, as well as the available statistics about the behavior of hedge funds in various situations, the program sets the indexes investment profitability for each of them. The result is the most accurate forecast of investments profitability, based on which the investments are made in the most efficient and profitable hedge fund at that moment. Information verification and redistribution of indexes is taking place in real-time and 24/7, which is helping to reduce risks to a minimum and maximizing the investors' income.

You can become an investor of the TeroFund platform if already having $100, while the threshold to enter a top hedge fund starts from hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thanks to the competent work of TeroBot 1.0, the risks and prospects analysis will done by the hedge fund, and the task of artificial intelligence is to choose the one that will bring the greatest profit. Already today, TeroFund is uniting thousands of investors and forming a powerful investment stream, which is being managed by the effective system with artificial intelligence. You can calmly make your investment and simply receive your earnings' interest today together with Syntera and TeroFound.

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