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Large investors are secretly buying cryptocurrencies
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Today, some experts are arguing that cryptoindustry is experiencing a recession, and in the future, such a rapid growth in the cost of cryptocurrencies will not happen. However, the last numerous events are claiming the opposite – this market is awaiting new heights!

According to a research, done by the politician and economist Torsten Hartmann, over the past 5 weeks, five large investors or groups of investors have bought more than 130,000 bitcoins with total worth over $800 million. These purchases were made on OTC-platforms – decentralized trading systems with special conditions of transactions. In fact, at the OTC-platform the dealers themselves set the price for buying or selling securities, cryptocurrencies, or other products. And only two participants of the transaction are aware of its terms. Which allows dealers to dictate their rules in this market.

All this allowed investors to get Bitcoin at the most favorable price for themselves, and also contributed to continuation of the cryptocurrency market stagnation. Such a long decline in the market can also be explained by the fact that a very large amount of cryptocurrency is sold outside the exchange space. According to researches, transactions on over-the-counter platforms during a market downturn can reach up to 30 billion dollars a day, while stock exchanges now are ranging between 15 billion.

However, when the correction stage is over, the situation on the cryptomarket will change significantly. New investors will enter the stock exchanges, which is surely going to contribute to the rapid rise in the cost of cryptocurrencies. And, during this period Syntera is planning to enter the foreign markets and launch the main tools from the price-raising strategy to $300 by 2020. Preparing for this event in advance, the company made wallets updates and created Cold, Marketing and Passive Wallet.

In addition, we will soon present our development a special type of mining SDPOS – Smart Delegated Proof OF Stake. Any of our investors will have an opportunity to become a miner using the phone, with only 100 coins on the Cold Wallet. You can already now start preparing to create your first Node in the Syntera ecosystem and launch a new source of income.

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