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Marketplaces as a trend of economy of the future
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For several years in a row, the global e-commerce market has been continuing to grow rapidly. The total e-commerce income has exceeded $1.8 trillion in 2018, and by 2022, according to international analytical services forecasts, will reach $2.6 trillion. Together with the general development of e-commerce, the b2b e-commerce market is developing intensively within this segment of the economy. The marketplace platforms are using all opportunities of growth in all possible e-commerce areas. According to forecasts, in the next five years more than two thirds of the total volume of online spending will fall on marketplace.
The main reason for the marketplace-platforms high popularity is the concept and global idea of their work. Many such stores are working according to the sharing economy principles and allow people both to purchase goods profitably and conveniently and also to resell unnecessary things, rent and lease property. According to Coresight Research's research, several models can be chosen for the marketplaces development:


- vertically integrated e-commerce for specific categories and tasks;

- local marketplaces for certain markets;

- marketplaces for additional services using the principles of the "sharing economy".


More and more traditional retailers are aware of the need to build a development strategy, taking into account the possibility of competition with the marketplace or participation in it. The platforms are providing their users with maximum opportunities. Convenience of searching, price comparison, purchases, access to a wide range of sellers and buyers are the main advantages of the structured marketplaces. For merchants, such ecosystem allows starting a business relatively quickly and inexpensively.


All of these benefits will continue to ensure the rapid growth of the b2b e-commerce market, as well as its expansion, not only in the field of retail goods, but also in the business relations segment and the cryptocurrency market (which Syntera is currently directly involved in).

The use of the sharing economy principles opens up unlimited possibilities for the exchange of goods and services between people. Many experts are saying with confidence that the marketplaces, which are based on these principles, is the future of the economy. And Syntera is one of the first companies which is confidently going into this future. We are preparing to launch our own marketplace, news about it will soon appear on our resources. This platform will not only allow members of the community to buy goods with a big discount, but also will further increase the price of SSC, increasing the demand for it, as for SSC you can now buy and sell goods and services. Become an investor of Syntera now by investing from $100 to your account, in order to get the most benefits tomorrow!

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