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Advantages of the TeroFund platform
Terofund platform 775

TeroFund is the unique investment platform designed for highly efficient digital asset management. The fundamental use of the sharing economy principles makes it possible for investors with a small capital to invest in the largest hedge funds. The difference of the platform from other similar ones, in fact, is significant.


The most important difference and advantage is that TeroFund is not directly involved in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Smart algorithm TeroBot 1.0 is distributing investors' investments among large hedge funds. By combining small investors' capital in a large one TeroFund gets an opportunity to allocate the participants' money among the highly professional exchange players. Artificial Intelligence TeroBot 1.0 is constantly analyzing all information related to the global cryptocurrency market. As a result of the analysis, the program makes accurate forecasts of investments' profitability in each of the high-yield hedge funds, according to the market situation, it is making investments in the most effective ones.


There is no need for TeroFund investors to study constantly the stock reports, analyze and recheck funds. The investment platform is assuming all the routine work – making contracts, checking and controlling the operation of funds, deciding whether to invest or not in a particular hedge fund.


You can even become a TeroFund investor with a capital of only $100. Using the idea of the sharing economy in business is a way to earn successfully both for an experienced investor and a beginner. The platform's marketing plan has several options of affiliate programs, which makes it possible to get significant additional income for everyone. Try to make an investment today and see for yourself!

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