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Is Syntera a MLM Company?
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Syntera is NOT an MLM company and so-called “withdrawal” is not provided.

Syntera is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for Sharing Economy. Let’s compare Syntera with other ICO-projects. In most of them the coins are bought during the ICO and investors are waiting for its liquidity on external exchanges. We’ve decided to choose a slightly different approach. We gave our investors an opportunity to get real coins in their hands. They can hold them and wait for the coin value to grow and enter the exchanges. We plan to enter 4 external exchanges in October. The biggest part of our community is private investors who are fond of the idea of Sharing Economy. They see the future in it, that’s why they hold our coins and help us to develop.

Nevertheless, if you are an MLM leader, we created the Terofund platform especially for you. We attracted MLM leaders to Terofund, whose task is to make our coin popular, to create liquidity of the coin on the early stages of our development, even before entering the external exchanges, or to resell the coins. They have to attract new investors to get bonuses in the form of our coins. For these actions the leader receives referral accruals according to a marketing plan.

As for the direct conversion button on the website, it is not for withdrawal. It is designed to help with conversion only when there is a demand for it. The owner of SSC has to apply in order to sell the SSC. These applications work according to a certain algorithm that depends on time of application and your location. The system puts coins for sale on, and when a new user buys a SSC, the coin seller receives the BTC. If the application is not processed within 10 days, that means that during this period in your country the queue has not reached you yet, and your coins return to your wallet. After that, you can re-apply.

In conclusion, we strongly believe, that every service of our Syntera ecosystem will allow every community member with his own financial strategy to gain profit!

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