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This bonus is awarded at a rate of 10 percent of a weak leg.
It is calculated once a week at a minimum of 100 PV.

If a user invested $ 1000, their total conversion limit is $ 5000. In order to increase the limit, the user needs to reinvest.
Suppose that the user has accumulated $ 30,000 from the binary bonus. Their personal investment is $ 1000. Accordingly, the conversion limit is $ 5000.
The user converted $ 5000 and used the entire limit. They have $ 25,000 left. For limits to increase to $ 25,000, the user needs to make another $ 5000 investment.

The Syntera Sharing Coins [SSC] is the financial instrument that we use to drive the Syntera economy. It has a limited supply. With constant use and as our Syntera economy matures, its fiat value would only increase.

Most importantly, all the terms and conditions governing transactions across all Syntera platforms are encoded with the Smart Contract features of the Syntera blockchain ledger. The pervasive use of SSC in our system, coupled with smart contract features, this why we call the SSC a smart coin.

Syntera sharing coins specification:

- Algorithm Ethash
- Block size: 25kb
- Block rewards: up to 7%
- Interval block time: 4 seconds

Features of SSC:

- Limited Total Supply of 48, 000, 000 SSC
- Based on the Ethereum ERC20 Protocol
- Secure and fast
- Legal Form: Non-Profit Foundation
- Type: Public Offering
- KYC: Required




The entire Syntera Ecosystem is composed of 2 groups of services.

- Marketplace
- Smart Hedge Funds
- Smart Delegated Proof of Stake (SDPOS)

- P2P Exchange
- Consensus Platform
- Community Philanthropy

We paid special attention to the legality of our Token Sale and studied all possible options for holding the Token Sale and chose the best legal option.

For the purposes of Token Sale, we described our token as a digital asset that would confer our investors rights on the Syntera platform. In particular, with the help of our token, you can vote for making certain decisions on the platform. Our token is the so-called utility token, and is not subject to the requirements of securities commissions. This means that with the legitimacy of the token, it will be freely available on most crypto exchanges, since there its not considered as a security.

We carefully studied the legal side of Token Sale and found that in some countries we can not conduct Token Sale even with the current structure of token. Therefore, we will not offer our tokens at the Token Sale stage to individuals who access our site from the IP addresses of the USA. This approach will ensure the legality and security of our common cause.

The Syntera Vision

- To build a democratic community based on the sharing economic model
- To bring about the financial success of every participant in our community
- To encourage philanthropic activities both within and outside our community


The Community
The most crucial factor determining the success of any project is the community. We aim to create a democratic platform whereby major decisions are collectively made. We hope to build a vibrant and creative environment where there is synergy of ideas and cooperation. And very importantly, the community will be a place where every member can seek the help and resources to realise his personal needs and financial goals.

The Foundation
That’s us. We are the guys that develop the software backbone to serve the needs of the community and ensure that the platform runs smoothly day-to-day. We are also the people who manages the philanthropic programs on behalf of the community. As and when needed, we may bring in associates from the community to work on specialized programs with us.

The Syntera Consensus Platform
Every member of the community is important to us. We want to build a true democracy where decision-making are decentralized and collectively made. The consensus platform will allow ideas and proposals to be put forward, discussed and voted on. Once approved, the platform will ledger the decision and if possible, automatically enforce it.

Community Philanthropy
A big part of our Syntera community will be its philanthropic and social activities. A big portion of our resources will be channeled into charity works - which could dealing with climate change, or aiding research into future medicine, or even responding to disasters in any part of the world. The actual nature of these works will be subjected to the decision-making process of the Consensus platform.

Financial Success with the Syntera Financial Platform
For our community to accomplish its philanthropic aims, all its members should first be financially successful. When one is financially abundant, only then the member will have the money and time to contribute to charity efforts. To this end, the Syntera Financial Platform will include several components that allow members to participate in various investment plans backed by cryptocurrencies.

The Sharing Economy powered by smart contracts
The shortest path to financial success is a 2-prong approach: a. Increasing net worth by earning and investing and b. reducing the cost of living. In short, this is “earning more and spending less”

A unique AI-based platform for high-performance investment and digital capital management, based on the principles of Sharing Economy.

TEROBOT 1.0 is a hybrid analytics system that creates indicators for assessing the behavior of hedge funds based on various financial events and assets. On the basis of data analysis, an investment portfolio is drawn from the list of trusted funds according to the evaluation of their effectiveness.

A) Individual tracking of funds, events and news is performed using a set algorithm, and the results are transferred to TEROBOT 1.0

B) TEROBOT 1.0 compares the trading behavior of funds with respect to indicators of various events and movements of assets. AI continuously studies the behavioral strategies of funds in various trade operations, predicts their further behavior and assesses the effectiveness of a fund's overall performance.

C) Each fund uses an individual capital management strategy, the evaluation of which is used as a filter of TeroFund investment portfolio.

D) In real time, daily analysis of the results of algorithms and their adaptation to any changes in the market or in fund activity are performed


To receive a monthly bonus and a direct bonus, you have to invest 100 USDH or more. To receive all possible bonuses, invest 100 USDHor more and activate the marketing plan

As the SSC is based on the ERC20 protocol, any ERC20-enabled token wallet can be used.

Users can also store their SSC online with the Syntera platform. In fact, every user on signing up will be given a multi-currency wallet supporting.


We will allocate 10 million SSC coin for philanthropic purposes. These tokens will be frozen out of market use and put on reserved use.

We will invest these coins into various instruments. We will then participant in various charitable projects using the generated profits.

Initially, we will focus on 4 areas:
- Anti-poverty causes
- Children Education
- Eye Surgery for 3rd world countries
- Climate Change issues

Further initiatives may be proposed by the community and voted on.

The Consensus Platform is the center piece of our community interactions. Any member may put forth any ideas and proposals for discussions and if necessary, bring the proposal to a vote for further action.

The Community Philanthropy require voting consensus.
A side feature of the consensus platform is the ability to conduct non-binding surveys of opinions.

The exchange operates on a peer-to-peer basis. This platform allows users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies directly with each other. This is the fastest mechanism by which a participant can exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat and vice-versa.

The exchange process would be like the following:

1. The seller lists the cryptocurrency and the rate he wishes to sell at. He also puts down the amount he has available for sale.
2. The buyer requests for the amount to buy.
3. The seller on agreeing to the sale, sends the required amount of cryptocurrency to the platform for escrow.
4. The buyer transfers fiat currency for the purchase to the bank account of the seller.
5. On receiving the fiat, the seller releases the escrowed cryptocurrency to the buyer.

Initially, the following currencies are supported

SDPOS - Smart delegated proof of stake.

Members will freeze their funds for a year to support the stability of the growth of SSC price. In return, the participant will receive a bonus (airdrop) from the bonus fund ($320,000 per month at the SSC rate after Token Sale). SDPOS participants will also be able to votes on projects proposed by the community.

SDPOS tokens will be frozen with the smart contract for 1 year. During the 2nd years, tokens will be unfrozen by 20% per quarter.

Tokens unfreeze after:

12 months - 20%

15 months - 20%

18 months - 20%

21 months - 20%

24 months - 20%

Air Drop: up to 7% monthly.

Members need to have a minimum of 1000 SSC to participate in the SDPOS program.

— All payments transacted and secured in SSC
All payments in the marketplace are transacted in SSC. Using the smart contract feature of the Syntera blockchain, all transactional conditions and history are digitally encoded and enforced.

— Secure escrows
All payments in the marketplace are escrowed within the Marketplace. The smart contract will release payments to the sellers when the buyer receives and acknowledges the purchase. In return, the sellers can be assured of payment upon contract fulfilment.

— Customer analytics and marketing
The system tracks the demand in the commodity market. It studies consumer preferences and creates a profile of a customer. This allows better matching of buyer expectations and seller capabilities.

— Market access
High financial barrier does not allow small-scale productions to rise to the international level. The Syntera Marketplace levels the playing field for small and medium enterprises, and welcomes all participants internationally. The buyers will get better quality products at more competitive prices.

— Reputation system
When a transaction is concluded, the buying and selling participants can give other reviews. Every review will give the participants a reputation score. This enhances the trustworthiness of the marketplace.

The Syntera Market place is the epitome implementation of the sharing economic model. It is the virtual bi-directional marketplace where we connect sellers offering services, products and ideas with buyers who want them. Buyers can of course list the things they are looking for; and sellers can see if they can obtain or offer what is needed by the market.

There are 4 major services offered by Marketplace:

1. Anyone usually has resources that are unused most of the time:
- like his car sitting in the garage; the spare room in the basement or even some free time that can be used to render a cleaning service. All these are resources that can be rented out to other people for a commission

2. Collaborative Purchasing of Goods and Services
- It is widely known that great discounts are often offered for bulk purchases of goods. Even if there aren’t any discounts, significant savings could be had just by splitting the cost of shipping.
- Using this platform, you can find like-minded people who wants to purchase the same products or services.
- The conditions for the purchases are set in smart contracts.
- You can split the price of anything: a car, a batch of smartphones, a vacation or even a gift.
- You can even use this feature to make a combined donation to a charitable or social cause; independently of the Syntera Community Philanthropy.

3. Collaborative Offering of Goods and Services
- This is exactly the reverse direction of collaborative purchasing.
- When a seller finds in the marketplace, that there is a requirement for a large number of items (e.g. 1000 units of a particular phone), and he himself does not have sufficient units, he can combine with a few other sellers to pool together to fulfill the sale request.
- In another example, a buyer wants his whole house renovated, an interior designer can combine his services with a carpenter and a plumber to offer an integrated solution. The designer, carpenter and plumber are all 3 different service providers in the Marketplace.
- The terms and conditions for the sales amongst the sellers are set in smart contracts.

4. Co-Ownership
- The Sharing Economy Model is originally meant to promote co-ownership of items.
- Co-ownership works very well in conjunction with collaborative purchasing, especially in big ticket items.
- Some other things you can establish co-ownership on are:

a. Company Shares
b. Trading Accounts
c. Bonds and Loans
d. Cars
e. Apartments

- The terms and regulations and the percentage allocation of the co-ownership are set in smart contracts.

It depends on the country of your tax residency. In most countries of the world, laws oblige tax residents of such countries to pay tax on any income received by a resident. As a rule, the status of a tax resident in most countries of the world is determined by the period of stay in a certain country more than 183 days a year. It takes into account in which country the housing, work or business of the tax resident is located. If you have any additional questions, our legal partner will be happy to help. Please write to [email protected]

The answer is: YES! It is legal. The current legislation of most countries either does not regulate the relationship on turnover of the crypto currency and hedge funds associated with it. This means that services can be provided based on the principle of freedom of contract (everything that is not forbidden is allowed). It is important to observe and closely monitor the laws of the countries in which services are provided, and comply with AML requirements.

The companies of our group will precisely monitor such laws and strictly observe all requirements.

Your referral link is created automatically when you register for an account. You may find your link in your profile page. For your referral structure with active referrals, please see your marketing structure.

No. Due to security, members cannot change their registered e-mail.

No, you cannot change your sponsor. Therefore, please choose your sponsor carefully before registering as a member. Pick an affluent and creditable sponsor that can support you and help you develop your community.

We are always available and ready to support you.

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There is two variants.

First variant:
Step 1: Register on webwallet
Step 2: Make a deposit in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Monero, Nem, ZCash, TetherUSD
Step 3: Purchase SSC tokens.
Step 4: Transfer to
Step 5: Invest in

Second variant:
Step 1: Register on
Step 2: Make a deposit in Bitcoin.
Step 3: Buy SSC in exchange.

1. Syntera transfers funds to the Tero Fund investment platform.
2. Tero Fund determines the most effective hedge funds and distributes investments accordingly.
3. Hedge funds generate profit.
4. Part of the total profit of Tero Fund is distributed to investors and covers marketing bonuses.

Yes, you will get referral commission for every deposit your referrals makes. Download the compensation plan here.

The Hedge Mining annual program is a 1 year program. Upon the program ends, your deposit will be returned to your account. After which, you can withdraw your money through the exchange or reinvest into the Hedge Mining program.

- Algorithm Ethash

- Block size: 25kb

- Block rewards: up to 7%

- Interval block time: 4 seconds


Our development team, managers and consultants are from Singapore, Dubai, Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Nigeria, Malaysia and India.

Blockchain system is decentralise. One member can have many blockchain wallets.

One member can only have 1 account in the system and require KYC.

Sharing Economy - Powered by the Blockchain!

Syntera — is a community sharing blockchain platform, that follows principles of sharing economy powered by smart contracts.

The Syntera Vision
– To build a democratic community based on the sharing economic model
– To bring about the financial success of every participant in our community
– To encourage philanthropic activities both within and outside our community

The most crucial factor determining the success of any project is the community. We aim to create a democratic platform whereby major decisions are collectively made. We hope to build a vibrant and creative environment where there is synergy of ideas and cooperation. And very importantly, the community will be a place where every member can seek the help and resources to realise his personal needs and financial goals.

Syntera ecosystem is divided into Financial and Community Services. Financial Services group includes Marketplace, Smart Delegated Proof of Stake (SDPOS), Hedge Mining. Community Services group consists of P2P-exchange, Consensus Platform, Community Philanthropy.

Before doing a withdrawal, members should have KYC. Click the withdrawal button and fill in the required details of payment address and choose “Withdraw”. It will take up to 24 hours to process your withdrawal request.

Syntera Sharing Coin required 3 bitcoin network confirmations to confirm the deposit.

Right after the Token Sale you can transfer your SSC coins to other members' wallets.

The amount of Syntera Sharing Coins is limited. Only 48 million will be issued.

We plan to list SSC tokens on several major exchanges such as Yobit, HitBTC, LiveCoin and others as needed for community development.

Price of SSC in first round of Token Sale starts from US$1. The target price of Syntera Sharing Coin in 2 years is US$300 per coin.